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20 oz Ghostface Tumbler - "Scream in Style"

20 oz Ghostface Tumbler - "Scream in Style"

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Unveil the Ghostface Tumbler - "Scream in Style," a chillingly cool stainless-steel tumbler that pays homage to the iconic Ghostface character from the renowned "Scream" movie franchise. With a 20 oz capacity and all the essential accessories, this tumbler is the ultimate way to quench your thirst for horror.

Key Features:

  1. Stainless Steel Construction: Crafted from top-quality stainless steel, the "Scream in Style" tumbler is as durable as it is terrifying. Enjoy your favorite beverages while ensuring they stay at just the right temperature, just like a suspenseful horror flick.

  2. 20 oz Capacity: With a generous 20-ounce capacity, this tumbler is the perfect companion for fans of the "Scream" series, allowing you to enjoy your drinks with a cinematic twist.

  3. Ghostface Design: The "Scream in Style" tumbler proudly showcases the Ghostface character, one of the most iconic figures in horror history. His eerie visage and twisted smile are sure to spark conversations and thrill fellow fans.

  4. Includes Straw and Cleaner: The tumbler is equipped with a matching black straw for sipping with sinister elegance. For easy maintenance and to keep your tumbler looking ghostly clean, a specialized cleaner is included.

For admirers of the "Scream" franchise and lovers of horror, the Ghostface Tumbler - "Scream in Style" is a must-have accessory. Whether you're watching the latest installment in the series or just appreciating the iconic character, this tumbler adds a touch of horror to your daily routine. Make a statement and express your devotion to the Ghostface character with each sip. Embrace the thrill and suspense with the "Scream in Style" Ghostface Tumbler in hand.

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